Stylish Frames and Complete Eye Care for Kids

As a parent, you understand how important it is for your children to keep their eyes as healthy as possible so that they can experience the world in all its beauty. A major component of eye health is ensuring they get regular eye exams from a professional optometrist.

Dr. Cindy Elrich of Chilicothe, OH offers comprehensive eye exams and treatment options for kids of all ages, ensuring your child gets the right prescription glasses for their unique needs. Plus, we carry a huge selection of kids frames from the hottest designers as well as sports glasses to keep them safe while enjoying all their favorite activities.

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Kid's Ray-Ban Frames


Kid's Frames and Sports Glasses

Color Vision Testing

Color vision testing is an exam used to tell if your child has any form of color blindness. There are a variety of color blindness diagnosis that people experience, most of which are inherited. Your child will be shown cards of brightly colored dots in various shades to help determine if they are experiencing color vision problems and your optometrist will go over what to expect through every part of the process.

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